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2019 Summer Mission Project

Greetings in the name of Jesus! With spring just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our summer mission work.  This year we will be back in the South. We have been contacted by a small church in Tennessee, Sunrise Missionary Baptist Church.  Even though the name says Missionary, it is a Southern Baptist Church. It is located approximately one hour northeast of Knoxville.  For many of you who went to Speedwell, it is only about 30 miles south in New Tazewell, TN.

The Church has outgrown its present location and needs more room.  The Pastor, Sam Griffin, is bi-vocational but has been at the Church for 23 years.  They are averaging 70-80 in attendance each Sunday with very little space for Sunday school classes.  They have purchased the adjoining 12 ½ acres and, our mission, along with Maryland Builders for Christ (who will come one week later) is to build a 7000 sq. ft. new sanctuary.  It is basically the same as Haynes Flatt, in Speedwell,but about 1000 sq. ft. smaller. No tower! We will be doing the framing, electrical, and plumbing. They are in the process of completing the plans and starting on the slab.  As many of you have heard, the rain has put them at a standstill. Please pray for good weather now.

The Church is built upon the Lord Jesus Christ to share the Gospel with the community and to have a heart for local missions as well as for missions around the world.   

Tony, Mike, Becky, Suzan, and I plan to go to Tennessee in April to start working out all the details for our trip.  

The dates for the trip are June 8 - 15.  Your arrival day is June 7 and our first work day is Saturday June 8.  Start preparing yourself for your next encounter with God’s people. Make one thing sure, this is no accident; we are here by divine appointment.  At this time we have many things to prepare for: housing, eating, and worshiping. Please make your decision ASAP. Housing will be first come, first serve.  Late comers may have to stay in a hotel at your expense. Because the trip is only eight hours from Mobile, many people will drive instead of fly and the trip should fill up quickly.


Jack Mitchell, age 97, passed away on January 25. He was an original
member of Mobile Baptist Builders; in fact, he went on the very first
Mobile Baptist Builder trip, a group of nine men (my how we've grown).
Some of you may remember him.
  His funeral will be Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 1:00pm, at Orchard
Baptist Church, Overlook Road (where MBB first began). If you remember
Jack and/or want to pay your respects, join Burben on Wednesday.


I spoke to Burben this morning. He said that everything is looking
good for our mission trip to Sunrise Baptist Church, New Tazewell, TN,
beginning June 8, 2019. Burben is hoping to send out his letter and
registration form in a couple weeks.
  The Sunrise Baptist pastor's father has been in the hospital with
some major heart issues. Burben told him that we would be praying for
his Dad, so please add him to your prayer list (not sure of his name
but God knows). Also pray for the upcoming mission trip and for
revival (the pastor is asking for revival for Sunrise Baptist). Burben
says that everything is falling into place and the pastor and
congregation are excited about our time together.
  A group of MBB will be visiting the church in April to speak to the
congregation and answer their questions and, in turn, be able to
answer your questions. Becky Duncan and I have been included in the
April visit, so let me know if I need to check out anything for you.
Becky is very organized and thorough, but if you have a need that you
think Becky needs to be aware of in April, please let me know that too
and I will pass it along to her.
  If you have any changes (name, address, email, phone number) or
anything Burben needs to know, please let me know in the next week or
so. If you have recently sent me address changes (Lane/Mark, Susan,
Drew), I have the changes; you do not need to send again. I want to
send Burben a current, correct MBB list at the end of January.
  As you make your arrangements, please keep me informed. I need to know
    1. Who you're traveling with and/or with whom you are sharing a car
    2. When you're arriving and departing
    3. Your flight information (date, time, airline, flight number).
Last year, some of you screen shot your airline info--that was
    4. If you are NOT renting a car and need transportation to/from
the airport and/or during the week
    5. Any special needs you may have
    6.  Anything else I forgot to include :-)
Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Local MBB Team members:  Information on local work day.
Thanks so much for your help on this! Here’s all the info I received from Justin Hase:

Renascent Church Work Day
Saturday, March 17
7AM-?? (Not sure how long you guys work. I plan to be there all day, so feel free to fill this in with whatever stop time you think is good for your group)

At Seven Hills Baptist Church, 8950 Airport Boulevard, Mobile, 36608  (across from Baker HS)

We will have multiple projects going that day. They will include:
- building a stage
- building several movable walls
- building a welcome desk
- pressure washing buildings
- siliconing screws on a metal roof
- various other odd jobs

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Lunch will be provided. Any questions can be directed to:

Justin Hase


Dear Mobile Baptist Builders Team Members,

 As you know, our mission trip this summer will be the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell.  Applications are arriving; please continue to send them to me.  Let me know if, by chance, you did not receive a letter and application, and we will send one out to you (or, you can go to our MBB website, The website has the application. Click the application button on the home page, print it out, fill it in, and put it in the mail to me. My address is at the bottom of the application.

  One of the lead pastors of the Chinese Bible Church, Gideon, and his wife, Irene, are coming to Mobile, AL. If you are available, and I know this may be difficult for many of you, please join us, at 6:30pm, on Saturday, March 17, at our house for a southern potluck dinner. Pastor and his wife have never been to Alabama, so be prepared to give them a warm southern welcome. He will tell us more about his church and the construction process and give us an opportunity to ask questions. Please try to come if at all possible.

  Also, on March 17, we will have a local work day. Justin Hase, a young pastor out of Dayspring Baptist Church, is branching out and starting a new church, and we want to help. We will build a stage, put up walls, pressure wash, and repair a metal roof. The project is located at Seven Hills Baptist Church, 8950 Airport Boulevard, Mobile, AL 36608 (directly across from Baker High School). Lunch will be provided. Let me know if you plan to join us.

  We are a praying bunch and, besides praying for our upcoming mission trip, please continue to pray for team members Sam Elder and Mike Chance, both with serious health issues.

  I can't wait to see you



MBB Team Members;

The Project" Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell" The address  is 197 Littleton Rd. Clelmsford, MA 01824.

The church  has requested that we work along side them to help build their new church building. The church consist of three congregations. A Mandarin congregation, a Cantonese congregation and a English speaking congregation . They total about

300 members. The size of the project is about 19,000 sq ft. Our team along with Maryland Builders for Christ will be framing. They plan on using a General Contractor to complete the project.\

Tony and I along with Rick Buck and Pastor Sam from New York went to Boston in November to look over the project. We all feel that this is a worthy project .

The church is very excited and very scared at the same time.  They have never done anything like this before. We both  will be doing thing different than we have before. I believe that this is definitely a GOD thing. 

Our dates at this time is June 2nd through the 9th. Please add this project to your prayer list. We have lots of  things to work out.

I will be sending out a formal invitation in a few weeks. I just wanted to give you this information so that you can be praying about what God wants you to do concerning this project.

I cant't wait
















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