Who We Are

The Mobile Baptist Builders are committed Christians who volunteer their time to construct buildings for other congregations. The blessings obtained during the project are worth far more than the work done. We go to experience revival in the churches we build. It is a marvelous experience to travel to another part of the United States and realize we are all one family united as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Mobile Baptist Builders is another exciting service opportunity for mission-minded volunteers to help meet some of the critical building needs of new churches in America. We are not here to replace other building teams but to supplement them and to provide another resource for our local churches to serve in.

MBB helps a church or mission build its first or second building. We will enlist the superintendent and a volunteer team to work with him. Their job will be to try to put the building under roof in six days as well as erect the inside partitions, baptistery, and platform. The church, of course, may enlist outside help on its own to work with us. 

MBB will help the church in enlisting electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc., as these are available.

Here's How it works..... The Church fills out an Application which describes its responsibility. Some major items on the application include: obtaining a date for construction and sticking to it as close as possible, preparing the foundation, caring for workers' rooms and meals, and the church family being on site working with volunteers.

Months prior to the work week, a representative from the MBB will contact the church to give guidance in planning the building and preparing for construction. Volunteers who specialize in the area of bricklaying, plastering, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, carpentry, painting, or building superintendents are needed. Volunteers without specialized skills are also needed and are very welcome. Anyone with a desire to be a missionary will be an excellent addition to our team.
How you can be a part..... If you want to work alongside committed Christians, to be on a team with an eternal purpose, to meet great needs, to be a modern day pioneer, to experience old "barn raising" times, and to see "grass roots" mission work. . . then Volunteer.

Volunteer to be on the missionary force. Be a missionary in America, in Alabama, in your association, right now, where you are. You do not have to be skilled just willing. Take your vacation and spend a week or two on the site. Tell others about MBB. Organize a MBB team in your church. Do a small job for a local need. Make yourself a committee of one. Begin enlisting workers. Send their names, emails and phone numbers Burben Sullins.

Come! be part of the adventure. Contact us for more information.